Official Discord Moderator Application

Discord Moderator Application

Applications - Closed

Discord is a huge part of our server where eM Community members community. We need active members to help monitor the chat, so that no trolls leak in and ruin the atmosphere for everyone else.

What's expected of you as Discord Moderator
As a Discord Moderator, you will need to be active on Discord and know your way around. You should be ready to jump into any situations that need to be stopped, or help out users who may need it.

You may only apply for this role if the following criteria is met:
- The position must be open.
- You have been an active member of the Discord server for at least a month.
- You have not been removed and/or demoted from the staff team within the last three months.
- You haven't made an application within the last month.
- You have not been punished for breaking a rule within the last three months.
- You must be able to demonstrate a clear understanding on what breaches the discord rules or not.

If you feel like you have met the criteria stated above, and you have the attitude for it, you can apply to become a moderator by clicking this link.

Please note we will contact you again about your application if you have passed this stage and are moving onto the next stage of becoming a moderator. We advise you not to bother the staff team to check your application, we will be doing it as soon as possible. Doing this may hinder your chances of making it to the next stage, as it shows a lack of patience.

Regards, the Exhibit Minecraft STAFF Team.

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