Monthly News Letter (March Conclusion)

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Monthly News Letter

Issued: 02-04-2017
March Conclusion

Written by Mondeo
As forced to suggested by Origin

- Explanation of the Monthly News Letter
- Crew Nights, events, winners, and honourable mentions
- Monthly Votes
- Mondeo's Monthly Pointer

Explanation of the Monthly News Letter
The Monthly News Letter was an idea that Origin came up with (lets face it, he's not capable of self-thinking so he probably just stole it off somebody else) and then dumped on me to do (because he lacks creativity and interest to do it himself, boo!).
Essentially the idea was for me to create a Monthly News Letter (derp) for you, the community. The contents of the Monthly News letter well vary depending on what happened during the month, but you can expect some things to keep reoccurring. 
Everyone who is on the forums will get an e-mail when a monthly news letter is posted. Should you want to unsubscribe from this, just follow the instructions at the bottom of the page (though why would you? Mondeo wrote this, and it's probably pretty fricken amazing).

Crew Nights, events, winners, and honourable mentions 
Now ever since I took over Crew Nights, it's been a great success (Obviously).

What is Crew Night?
The new players may be asking the question, "Well all mighty Mondeo, the most awesome, the most legend. What is Crew Night?" Well my young Padawan, Crew Night is probably the most legendary night of them all!
Crew Night takes place every Saturday, usually around 8:30 PM GMT. We (the Event Team) host a bunch of awesome events where a fair amount of the Community jump in and play. The events themselves completely depend on what the Team would like to do.

Crew Night 25/03/2017
Crew Night on the 25th on March took a pleasant turn. We actually prepared for this one!
Myself, AngryLime (Shane) and zman202 (Moron) made a completely new(ish) event, titled "Bread Wars"
The event has four teams each starting on their own island. They have to farm wheat, use their shop keeper to buy things, span out to other islands and essentially destroy them until they are the only team alive. Violent, right?

So, what went down?
Well this event, there were some quite unlikely winners (No offense guys). It all started normal (except for the fact the event took far too long, lasting around roughly two hours) players went about doing their own thing, getting wheat, making hay bales and what not. Eventually, one semi-smart team figured out they could use bone-blocks, which was cheaper than making hay bales (This kind of pissed me off because that wasn't the point of the game but sure, i'm not bitter or anything, screw you Lime and Zman). So these teams went ahead and did what they did, and eventually after some time there was some action going on. Blah blah blah, couple years later, we were reaching the end of the game. Three teams who decided to span out eventually killed each other and there was only one man left, Genimia. Genimia had to go to the final team (who were just peacefully minding their own business with dogs). Genimia, completely weaponizeing the invisibility potions went after the final team (burgerkingD and satan unicornlexi). Since Genimia relied on his invisibility potions, and the other team had dogs (which could detect him even when invisibile), Genimia really stood no chance.
On his final life, he jumped somewhat ungracefully into the void, and thus ended the game.
unicornlexi and burgerkingD had won. They each won a Mondehoe (Which I find greatfully rude).

Honorable Mentions:
Shout out to AngryLime, who completely abused the dildo. (A knockback 3 stick) and absolutely destroyed zman's team (leaving him more salty than the ocean).
Shout out to Lime and Zman who helped me create the event.

Monthly Votes
This week, MathiasFrandenenenenson won! Congratulations to him!

Mondeo's Monthly Pointer
Don't do drugs!

Community Manager and  should-be professional comedian.

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