Forum Forum and Website Updates Log
  • Packages have been ordered & categorized into spoilers
  • Users can now login onto forums with their E-Mail aswell as their Username
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  • Date format changed to D - M - Y
  • Deleted VIP land claim request board.
  • Fixed the like button plugin. All likes has been removed from the system due to the fix.
None of you like me anyways
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  • Ability to upload images directly to the forum.
  • Several changes to the group permissions.
  • Added a [Forum] prefix.
  • Added a mobile theme on the forum! It automatically detects if you're logged from your phone and changes the theme to the mobile one.
  • Updated the forum to MyBB 1.8.10
  • Minor updates to the Mobile theme. Changed the buttons.
  • Minor updates to the iGame theme. Added the Discord and Twitter widgets.
  • Changed the default forum theme to iGame.
  • Added the server updates to the News and Announcements section on the homepage.
  • Attempted to fix a bug with the mailing server.
  • Changed the logo of the iGame theme.
  • Fixed the bug with the mailing server. ( @Origin forced me to post this. (It's a big deal ok))

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