Monthly News Letter (April Conclusion)

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Monthly News Letter

Issued: 01-05-2017
April Conclusion

Written by Mondeo
As forced to suggested by Origin

- Crew Nights: events, winners, new arrivals and honourable mentions
- Monthly Votes
- Steam Group
- Insider Discount
- Mondeo's Monthly Pointer

Crew Nights, events, winners, and honourable mentions 
Now ever since I took over Crew Nights, it's been a great success (Obviously, I mean, everything I touch turns in to gold, Right?! No? :c).

What is Crew Night?
The new players may be asking the question, "Well all mighty Mondeo, the most awesome, the most legend. What is Crew Night?" Well my young Padawan, Crew Night is probably the most legendary night of them all!
Crew Night takes place every Saturday, usually around 8:30 PM GMT. We (the Event Team) host a bunch of awesome events where a fair amount of the Community jump in and play. The events themselves completely depend on what the Team would like to do. (This paragraph is totally 100% not ripped off of the previous Monthly News Letter*)

Crew Night 1/04/2017
The first crew night of April, which so happened to be on April Fools.
So, what did we do on April Fools? Well Myself, Origin and Zman202 (the moron from last week's news letter? Yeah him**) decided we'd prank the community. We made it out like we had a fight with Zman, and that he was removed from the Admin Team. We had an argument on the Discord Chat, which some people believed was true. And by some, I mean one. And by one, I mean Amelia Llama. Poor Llama had no idea, and she was peace keeping. It was kind of funny and kind of mean. (It was f*cking hilarious ngl, sorry Llama).
ANYWAY BACK TO ACTUAL CREW NIGHT. I don't actually remember what happened on this crew night, but as I am aware I think we just played Bread Wars again. It was probably awesome.

SO? WHO WON? Honestly. No clue. I straight up got no idea. We probably should write these things down @Shane @zman202.

Crew Night 08/04/2017
This Crew night, somebody got triggered, and that somebody was me. So, what happened? Let me give you the down low. I was hosting Bread Wars again. At the start I specifically said a certain rule, I think it was "Don't break any block that has been placed before this point". So, zman (You know, the moron from last paragraph***?) GUESS WHAT HE DECIDED TO DO? Yep. He broke a block. So I was kind of annoyed, but you know, still kinda a chill. I punched the wall, broke a few knuckle bones but it's cool. So I paused the game, told everyone to back the hell up and I'll restart the event. So I put everyone in the boxes and kept trying to roll back the event. Everytime I roll backed the event, everyone fell out (Which annoyed me because I thought people (zman) was exploiting and dropping everyone) then I realised it was me and I laughed. As I was doing this, AngryLime (YOU KNOW THE OTHER MORON THAT'S SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE EVENT TEAM WITH ME? YEP. HIM****) decided to go "HEY. I KNOW MONDEO'S TRYING REAL HARD AND ALL. LETS JUST ANNOY HIM BY GOING UP AND SLAUGHTERING THIS TEAM." So, he went up to zman and co and slaughtered them (which is kind of funny in hindsight). At that point I was more triggered than. Uh... Llama when Lexi says "I'M CHINESE BUT LIKE I'M NOT ASIAN!"*****).
At this point I teleported everyone to spawn, and said "Have fun" and left (Which was pretty boss of me not gonna lie). But Joe who felt sorry for everyone convinced me to come back and so I hosted crew night for the night and someone won, forgot who. BUT, IT WAS ALRIGHT. ISH. (Everyone had a laugh at me for getting triggered. Well, I don't know that for a fact but i'm PREEEEEEETY sure they all lol'd when I left the voice chat. (You demons.)

Crew Night 15/04/2017
Me and Shane found an awesome terrain of which we added a crap ton of lights too, threw a dome over, fantasied about the awesome cove nearby and argued whether or not we should drain it out and put eggs in there (Shane won. We didn't.) We then threw in a crap ton of chests in there, and was like "YO GUYS. EGG HUNT. FIND EGGS." So two teams (Pink and Green. Two colours I was heavily criticised for for using.) Went off and gathered eggs.
Green team won heavily by about 1100 points. (Good going us... Geeeeeze).
And I went Steve Harvey, and Mr. Origin made a meme out of me:
Show ContentSpoiler:
Everyone who participated won each egg. Those who won, won a Knockback 2 stick!
The eggs included:
Chicken Egg
Ferrero Rochegg
Egg of kinder
Creamy Egg
Minature Egg
And my personal favourite: Terrance's Chocolate Orange Egg
Pretty Awesome eggs, right?

(Credits to Shane for coming up with some of the eggs!)

Crew Night 22/04/2017
This week was pretty generic. It was a series of Bread Wars. I don't THINK we did anything different.
Zman202 (That moron from the other two paragraphs? Yeah, him ******) created an event which had 5 trials. The objective was to complete all 5 trials in the shortest time possible. Out of 8 players who participated, only 2 actually finished. Mathias won, 1 minute ahead of BikiniDuck (Way to go eM! Setting the standards real high!)
After that, we did another round of Bread Wars. (We really like our Bread Wars)
One Team, BikiniDuck and Llamacornderpy were absolutely slaying everyone. I died in about 20 seconds (because I forgot to hold sneak down. Shut up. Don't judge me.) ANYWAYYYYYYYY. By the end, It was Origin (my team mate, who was on his last life) versus Llamacornderpy (Had two lives) And Bikiniduck (Two lives too). I kind of told Bikiniduck to let Joe kill him, just so Joe doesn't go home an cry. So, Bikiniduck agreed (Shout out to Bikiniduck, you legend). So, after Duck re pawned, he was like "Okay lets get this over with". Then, he forgot to place a block and walked off the edge (Shout out to Bikiniduck, you mong!*******). At that point, Origin clutched and somehow beat Llama even though Origin's ability with PvP is about as good as his ability to satisfy-.... Never mind.
So, Origin won the block (And so did Bikini and Llama because it was my fault they lost).
The block was:
An End Frame with the lore:

Honourable Mention to Shane, who hosted instead of me which actually let me play! Cheers Shane.

Crew Night 29/04/2017
Now, this event introduced two new events. One created by me (LifeLine) And one created by Zman. (You know th-... Is this getting old now? Or should we make this a regular thing? hmm...)
How does LifeLine work?
Well it's quite simple really.  You have a block. This block is your LifeLine. For as long as this Block is alive, you are too. As soon as this block is destroyed, your essence deteriorates into small shreds and gets sucked up into the depths of Hell. (For Lexi this is actually a free ride to Home, but still). So we started off with everyone running around and finding a location to hide their block. They weren't actually given their block otherwise other people mind find it and then write the coordinates down and that would suck. So we just wrote down the coordiantes (Me and Shane who were hosting the event). Once everyone was done. Zman took them all into a dark basement where he stores all of his victims his event. This event had four corners with one end crystal each and one pig each. There was a carrot on a stick that had KnockBack 2. The idea was to go into a chest in the middle (that spawned items) and be the first one to steal all the items (which periodically spawned into the chest, all four teams had to compete for this). Once you gathered items, you could build across the walls and go into other teams. First you had to kill the pig and then the end crystal. This would stop that team from spawning.
No idea who won. I think it was Genimia? I don't know. But sure.

It lasted quite long. Several people died instantaneously, and two people placed their blocks literally one block away from each other. That was funny. Eventually it was just BurgerkingD and Genimia (I mean Genimia I get, but Burger? Reallllllllly?). They took so long so me and Shane struggled to make made rockets each, and fired them at each other's LifeLine. Genimia hunted BurgerkingD down like a lion to a gazelle. He really stood no chance. No offense.
Genimia won a block (Which is YET to be made. Sorry Genimia!)

We then hosted BreadWars. I think Genimia won again, and then the second round Mathias Won? No Clue. It might have been Zman.
Damnit I need to start writing this down.

Serious Honourable Mention to Shane again. He helped me host again which would've taken me ages before hand. He also hosted Bread Wars. Probably screwed something up there. But it's cool considering I don't know about it.********

Monthly Votes
Again congratulations to MathiasFrandendendendendednednendednednensen. He won £5 giftcard to use on the eM store!

Steam Group
Actually, you didn't ask, but we still gave because that's what eM is all about AMIRITE GUYS?
So, I've created a steam group as to which you all can join and do steam-things on like play games and, uh. Play more games. Yeah.
If you wish to join, click the link below:

Insider Discount
HEY GUYS! Thanks for subscribing to become an Exhibit Insider, we really appreciate your donations!
As promised, your monthly discount:
10% off every item in the eM Store!

What is Exhibit Insider
As an Exhibit Insider, you:

-> Can become a Beta Tester for Server Events, allowing you to test the events before they are played by eM community members!
-> Will receive a unique item that is given out every month (most likely on the 3rd)
-> Can have ccess to /co i in-game to give you peace of mind about who has stolen your blocks!
-> Will get a custom "Insider" rank on Discord and the forums!
-> Will have Monthly discounts on the main server packages (These discounts may vary for each month)
-> Will be automatically entered into any giveaways that are hosted by the server
-> Will be supporting the server!

To subcribe and become an exhibit Insider, you can visit

Mondeo's Monthly Pointer
When life gives you lemons, squeeze them into people's eyes.*********

* : There's probably a law that has to state that I did plagiarise that paragraph. So yeah.
** : Just joking, we like you really.
*** : Heh, sorry again.
**** : You annoyed me, but sorry ok no offense to all.
***** : She gets pretty triggered if we say this and don't kind of you know, apologise afterwards. So, sorry Amelia.
****** : This is kind of funny (sorry for the insult)
******* : Sorry for calling you a mong.
******** : Shane probably has not messed anything up. The purpose of that joke was purely for the sh*ts and giggles.
********* : eM is not liable for any members who have read "Mondeo's Monthly Pointer" who have actually squeezed Lemons into people's eyes. To avoid any legal actions, squeeze them into Joe's.

Community Manager and  should-be professional comedian.

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