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- Fixed issue with /back not working with tpa
- Teleportation should no longer cause death when teleporting to small areas.
- Added the ability to disable health regeneration when in event mode
- Fixed a few teleportation bugs
- Can now freeze all players within the event.
- Added commands /eventjoin & /eventleave
- Admins now need to either open/close an event which will broadcast a message to the server.
- Afk players are now ignored when trying to sleep (
- Most server messages will now have a [Server] prefix
- Reports now logged separately from main logs
- Removed command aptopvoter & apbotm commands.
- Prefix commands all moved into one command (/prefix)
- Added command /tableflip
- Added command /unflip
- Added command /speed
- Daily peak player count is now recorded
- Will now become UN-AFK when you talk in chat while AFK as it makes more sense.
- Fixed a few syntax errors
- Updated /commands (From what I could remember needed changing)
- Server updated to 1.12
- Party database cleared (You'll need to remake all your parties)
- Fixed grammar issue with open event message
- Fixed bug which said you cannot close an unopened event despite the event being open
- Fixed issue regarding taking no damage while using ender pearls with PVP disabled
- Fixed issue regarding being able to harm players out of PVP mode with flame arrows
- Anti-spam cool down reduced to one second
- Bug fixes with ./tiptoggle
- Upgraded servers resources
- /em Freeze reduced to a toggle
- Changed the event open/close message
- Added a warning message to ./eventjoin
- Added event leader feature (Only event creator/added members can use event mode commands
- Amount of players within the event is shown to the event leader when players join
- /em lock - Gives leaders ability to prevent people from joining the event
- steam - Gives our steam group details in game
- ./tc - Ability to talk to your team mates
- /team
  •      - create - Ability to create a team
  •      - delete - Ability to delete a team and all of its features
  •      -  clear - Clears all members from a team
  •      - remove - Removes a player from given team
  •      - respawndelay - Sets a team specific respawn delay
  •      - setspawn - Sets a teams spawn point
  •      - freeze - Freezes a given team
  •      - respawnlimit - Sets a limit on the amount a player can respawn
  •     - list - Shows the teams and players names. (Still in development)

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