List of Shops and the Items They Sell
I came up with this idea a few days ago. If you are the owner of a shop, reply with the name of your shop, what you are selling in it, and possibly a screenshot showing what it looks like. I will make some for my shops, you can use them as examples if you need to. I feel like this will make it easier for people to find the items they want without having to wander around the shopping district.

koolkrafter5's End Ship Shop

Location: West side of the Air Platform

Items for sale:

9 Potions for 1 Diamond: Speed II
6 Potions for 1 Diamond: Fire Resistance +, Water Breathing +, Strength II
3 Potions for 1 Diamond: Regeneration +

Enchanted Diamond Tools and Swords: 3 Diamonds
Enchanted Diamond Armor: 5 Diamonds
Elytra: 16 Diamonds
Shulker Box: 1 Diamond

End Stone and End Stone Bricks: 128 for 1 Diamond
End Rods: 64 for 1 Diamond

koolkrafter5's Guardian Aquarium

Location: South of /warp shops

Items for sale:

Prismarine: 64 for 1 Diamond
Prismarine Bricks: 32 for 1 Diamond
Sea Lanterns: 32 for 1 Diamond
Dark Prismarine: 32 for 1 Diamond

Prismarine Shard: 256 for 1 Diamond
Ink: 32 for 1 Diamond

The Abandoned Mineshaft

Location: South of /warp shops, and slightly West

Items for sale:

Slime Blocks: 64 for 1 Diamond
Cobwebs: 32 for 1 Diamond


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