Poll: Lion mod? :D
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nah dude bro i dont wanna die i aint even lost my virginity yet dude
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Denied  Add a lion mod
I think Lion's would be a great addition to the game because they're awesome.
It would make the Savanna much more troublesome, and it would actually be worth trying to go into the Savanna and trying to tame one of these Lions.

Lions should also be added when we do UHC so that there's more of a mob threat doing UHC and probably will stop people trying to make farms.
Also, just option, if we could modify the voice, can we make it so my mob sound is a rawr I make?

Thanks for listening,
A friendly Lion (ehh)
Lions are better than Humans. Facts.
Glory to Arvoria.
a lot of people wouldnt download a mod to play, and it would pretty much decrease player count :/ it would be cool if there was maybe some type of plugin though, not sure if its possible
Like Bikini said, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be able to add this though a purely plugin. Since that's the case I'm afraid I'll have to decline this suggestion.

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