So our shops area is getting filled up nicely.
I am happy to see the progress but there are few things we need to discuss.

I've been following a certain guideline to storage shops from inactive players (removal and storing them to be reclaimed by said player)
now this practice is semi unknown to many players and mainly falls on myself

But in theory it is when you, the player are no longer active on the server (haven't logged in for 3-4 weeks) and not having an active accomplice.
I will then send out a notification if i can find you on discord, I will set a time period of 1 week for you to react. After that the shop + inventory will be stored into a secure storage area near the shops warp where an admin can reclaim the items for you.

So the things i like to discuss for the shops are.
1: That it actually sells items
2: Build your shop to the amount of chests you have (so 1 chest small footprint not something that takes up half the shops area)
3: Do not spam your signs on other peoples shops ( I will build a board for that when the shops entrance is remade)
4: Properly light up your shop
5: Let us know when you cannot take care of your shop for x amount of time to prevent storage of your shop

p.s. without discussion i will assume no one disagrees

As for casino's and other games i'm sure we can find a better location and have a warp for games in general, where its not only casino's but other fun minigames aswell. if you find a great location let us know either via discord or under this topic.
since the current shopping area is getting quite filled up we need to start working on the expansion area east of the current shopping area.

[Image: 2017-06-26_01.06.50.png]

[Image: 2017-06-26_01.06.42.png]

tasks that are an absolute must are that the walls are fixed up,, the floor flattened out, random pools of water removed.

after that we could really use a design on the floor for the paths, so i am asking for design submisions on that.
new shop expansion progress

[Image: 2017-06-28_15.24.04.png]

flatening the area 95%
mountains still in progress
floor design for the area (nothing yet)
path to the new area barely started

any other things to take into consideration?

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